Floor Sanding & Restoration

Main Flooring exclusively employs top-of-the-line, dust-free sanding equipment to guarantee the restoration of your wooden floors to their former glory. No matter your wood flooring needs, We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our floor restoration service.

engineered wood floor sanding

Engineered Wood Floor Sanding

Renew the timeless beauty of your engineered wood flooring with our expert sanding services. Our skilled craftsmen carefully sand the surface, removing imperfections and wear, and finish with precision to bring out the natural luster of your engineered wood floors.

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Solid Wood Floor Sanding

Rediscover the authentic charm of your solid wood floors through our professional sanding services. We delicately strip away wear and tear, revealing the true beauty of the wood grain. Our sanding process is followed by meticulous finishing, ensuring your floors are restored to their original glory.

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Unlock the Beauty of Your Floors: The Flooring Sanding Process

The 3 Phases of Floor Sanding:

Wood floor sanding

1. Preparation:

Before sanding begins, it’s essential to prepare the area by clearing furniture and other obstructions. Additionally, any nails or staples protruding from the surface must be removed to prevent damage to the sanding equipment.

2. Sanding:

The sanding process typically involves multiple passes with progressively finer grits of sandpaper. Coarse grits are used initially to remove old finishes and imperfections, followed by finer grits to achieve a smooth, even surface.

3. Finishing:

Once sanding is complete, the floor is ready for finishing. This may involve staining the wood to achieve a desired colour, followed by the application of sealants or protective coatings to enhance durability and preserve the natural beauty of the wood.

The Benefits of Floor Sanding:

Whether your floors are engineered wood or solid hardwood, our sanding process is tailored to the specific characteristics of your flooring material.

Engineered wood floors typically have a thinner wear layer than solid hardwood, requiring a delicate touch during sanding to avoid damaging the surface.

Conversely, solid hardwood floors can withstand more aggressive sanding to remove deeper scratches and imperfections.

Floor sanding is more than just a cosmetic enhancement; it offers a range of benefits that can transform your living spaces:

Wood floor sanding benefits

Cost-Effective Option:

Sanding and restoring a wood floor is more cost-effective than completely replacing it, especially if the floor’s structure is still in good condition.

Restoration of Appearance:

Over time, wooden floors can become worn, scratched, or discoloured. Floor sanding removes surface imperfections, revealing the original beauty of the wood.

Improved Durability:

Sanding smooths the surface of your floors, making them more resistant to daily wear and tear. This can prolong the lifespan of your flooring investment.

Enhanced Hygiene:

Sanding removes dirt, dust, and allergens that accumulate on the surface of your floors, contributing to a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Renewed Versatility:

Whether you plan to refinish your floors with a new stain or simply apply a fresh coat of sealant, floor sanding prepares the surface for any desired treatment, giving you the flexibility to customise your floors to suit your style.

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State of the Art Floor Sanding

Main Flooring takes pride in delivering high-quality work and products. We prioritise predictability and consistency in our results, achieved through the use of only the best tools on the market including the Pallmann Spider.

The PALLMANN SPIDER utilises triple-disc technology, enabling planetary gearing. By incorporating additional weight and recommended pad combinations, the sanding pressure can be customised to accommodate various types of floors. The infinite speed adjustment feature allows for optimal speed settings for different sanding processes. The triple-disc plate is designed for coarse, fine, and intermediate sanding of wood floors.


  • Dust free sanding
  • Extra additional weight increases the sanding pressure
  • Perfect sanding because of the triple-disc technology
  • Infinite speed adjustment (50 – 400 RPM)
  • High wood removal rate
  • Adapter for vacuum cleaner
  • Reliable components and solid construction

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